Cable Assembly

Sedgewall has wide experience in providing interconnection solutions, cables, looms and harnesses to meet demanding specifications in areas such as scientific equipment and defence.

Experience includes:

  • Data cable assemblies
  • Complex and straightforward looms/cable assemblies
  • Circular connection assemblies
  • Crimp cable assemblies
  • Cat5 (RJ45) Network cables
  • IPC assemblies
  • Cable harnesses
  • Military specification cable assemblies
  • Bespoke cables

Our comprehensive service enables our customers to achieve cost savings through reduced stock holding, lower equipment investment & more efficient labour usage.

The cost effective manufacturing capabilities are fully supported by automated wire processing machinery to ensure rapid and accurate production. Assemblies can include any termination or connector required.

Cut and Strip Machine
Cable harnesses are manufactured using a Junquan ‘ZDBX-16 Computerized Cutting & Stripping Machine’. High quality cables are ensured by using such a state-of-the-art piece of equipment. Automating wire cutting and stripping helps to give high reliability and durability and automation ensures consistent quality. The ZDBX-16 can be set to process wires of many different types to ensure that Sedgewall can make cable harnesses to suit many varied applications.