Sedgewall Bleep & Sweep Signal Unit has a sound that is quite distinctive from other traffic noises. It adjusts its sound output volume according to ambient noise levels so that in busy city streets it will be much louder than in a quiet residential area.

During the off-peak hours when traffic volume is low the disruption to local residents is kept to a minimum thus ensuring that it is environmentally friendly.

The unit was developed for the UK Highways Agency in collaboration with Southampton University’s Institution of Sound and Vibration Research.

  • Fully Highways Agency approved
  • Meets low voltage safety directive (LVD)
  • Meets TRG 1068 EMC specification – TR2206
  • Meets TR 0155 and TR 0157 performance specifications
  • Distinctive Sound (From Quiet to Loud output setting: 0dB to 12dB)
  • Failsafe interlock and lamp monitoring
  • Residentially friendly output sound level
  • Single and staggered crossing versions
  • Meets 11TGR-2120UN-8-0 specifications
  • Fits 200 and 300 mm lens heads

Crossing Alarm Data

  • Works from AC or DC interlock signal
  • Poly-fused tactile output (short circuit protected)
  • Audio output level tracks ambient noise level

Fully interlocked for safety

Audio and tactile signals will only appear when all the following combinations are present and correctly timed:

  • Green ‘clear to cross’ is on
  • Interlock signal (Red to traffic) is on
  • Red ‘do not cross’ is off

Versatile and reconfigurable

  • Suitable for bright (daytime 48Vac) and dimmed (night time 27-30Vac) operation
  • Fits into BS505 TR0102 signal heads: Pelican, Puffin, Toucan, Pegasus and Equestrian
  • Supplied with full installation kit and instructions.
  • No soldered joints required
  • Single crossing version available

Audio Signals (staggered crossing)

1 kHz signal pulsed at 5Hz 0.8 second duration followed by Swept tone 1 kHz to 2 5 kHz, 0.8 second duration repeated until end of Green and interlock signal Tracking 50dBA to 80dBA ± 3dB plus installer adjustable levels of 0 dB to + 12 dB in 3 dB steps

  • Tactile output 12 volts DC up to 100mA
  • Temperature range -15°C to +60°C
  • Power requirements taken from either Red man or Green man 28.4 to 55.2 VAC 50 to 60Hz
  • Maximum consumption 10W
  • Adapter kit for direct replacement of existing Sedgewall non-ELV units is available