Health & Safety Policy

Policy Statement

Sedgewall Limited will take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety, health and welfare at work, of all its employees and in so doing comply with its moral, legal and economic responsibilities.  These reasonable measures will also take into account the protection of others who may be affected by its work activities.

The General Manager is responsible for safety throughout the company, however, all employees have a legal duty, not only to work in a safe manner, but also to co-operate in efforts made to create safe working conditions. Unsafe equipment and/or dangerous situations must be reported without delay, to their line manager.

Line managers will instruct employees on how to recognise and guard against foreseeable hazards and advise them how to meet the responsibilities placed upon them.  Annual assessments of all employees will include health and safety performance.

Sub-contractors are advised of the company’s safety policy before orders are placed. Sedgewall will ensure that sub-contract work is carried out safely using approved methods, equipment and materials.

This health & safety policy will be reviewed on a regular basis and updated in accordance with current statutory and informative documentation, hazard record control and growth in company size.

D Griffith

General Manager

Mar 2018