The FernTel IP is suitable for all outdoor applications i.e., environments with high humidity, high salinity or dusty conditions. Not so gentle mechanical stress and even acids, alkalis, or lubricants cannot damage the high quality components of this versatile desk/wall phone. Available in striking signal coulours, the FernTel 3 cannot be missed whenever a telephone is urgently needed, e.g., in emergency situations with poor weather and lighting conditions. The FernTel 3 is suitable for almost universal use thanks to its amazing transformability. A deft hand movement converts the indoor desk phone into an outdoor or work area wall unit. Equipped with 16 or 21 freely programmable keys the FernTel 3 is the ideal telephone for many applications. Standard features according to H.450 are supported. Ethernet connectivity is supported by 2 ports where a laptop can be connected for a network access through the telephone. The FernTel IP offers qualitative high grade features according to industrial standards instead of proprietary solutions.