EMS Manufacturing – A Guide to Working with Sedgewall

EMS Manufacturing – A Guide to Working with Sedgewall 2000 1333 Sedgewall

Here at Sedgewall we are the experts in providing any electrical prototype products that you may need, plus EMS Manufacturing and CEM Manufacturing.

We have a vast array of technical engineers who are ready and able to work in partnership with you to turn your ideas into reality – but there are a few guidelines to getting the most from your partnership with Sedgewall. We put together this guide to help you avoid the pitfalls on your path to success, and to help you build a solid and enduring partnership between our firm and yours.

Why Outsource your EMS Manufacturing?

Outsourcing your EMS Manufacturing and CEM Manufacturing eliminates a great number of issues non-specialist firms have to tackle in order to succeed. Like many other facets of business, electronics is something best left to the experts. Why? Better results, faster services and adaptable software that achieves top-of-the-market potential. While the old days saw us outsource out of necessity times are fast changing. Nowadays, outsourcing your electrical components is a sure-fire way to boost production, streamline your own services and produce a polished end product – and all without having to hire a single engineer!

Basically, outsourcing your EMS Manufacturing and CEM Manufacturing to a company like Sedgewall means that there are less aspects to your own production process that you need to worry about. In addition, it is an easy way to bypass some of the health and safety issues presented by having an electronic department in the same factory as you make everything else. It is cheaper, more efficient and gets the job done quicker – just as long as you supply us with the correct information from the outset!

Now that we can all agree outsourcing your electronic manufacturing to us is the best possible course of action for the future of your firm, let’s discuss how one goes about building a long-lasting and mutually beneficial collaborative partnership with Sedgewall.

Submitting your project

When you submit your project to Sedgewall we will require a full and complete design package before we can begin working. This means we will need a Bill of Materials (BOM), drawings and technical information in full detail. We will require all facts and figures to be double-checked and affirmed before we begin. If you do not submit all of this information, it will cause delays in our ability to produce your desired end result – which might see the end date being pushed back overall. Similarly, should these submitted documents require reworking or updating as the project progresses this may result in us having to modify or redo parts of the project, we have already completed… resulting in wasted time for everyone. Needless to say, incorrect management of this crucial stage can be costly.

Before you submit your project for EMS Manufacturing and CEM Manufacturing, please ensure that your plans are finalized and as polished as they can possibly be to avoid any delays and setbacks in the production process.

FAI Service

We are able to produce First Off Articles for Inspection in order for you to ensure compliance of your product before you go into full scale production. This method allows you to have a fully formed model of your product to test out without you having to spend the money involved in mass production. This increases cost-efficiency by ensuring that any mistakes are spotted and corrected before production begins. We would recommend this service to all of our clients wishing to produce multiple items; not least of all because it helps us reduce waste!

FAI’s are a great way to gauge market interest and whether or not the product meets the needs of your client as intended. This is an important part of the process for anyone who does not want to waste money as a result of poor information quality or design flaws.

EMS Manufacturing

Call-Off Service

Sedgewall also offer a call-off service whereby a customer can place a large-scale order and call-off smaller amounts of products until the order is completed. For example; you may wish to place an order for 1000 prototypes but only receive fifty of these per month. This allows our clients and ourselves to maintain an efficient pricing system and also to negotiate any political uncertainties that might affect production (such as Brexit, for example). This also helps those managing strict time constraints or working to a set budget per month.

Changing your Dates

We always try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to due dates. This means that if you want to bring the date forward then we will always try to facilitate this. It is occasionally possible to increase our pace with a little motivation as your due date approaches. There are occasions, however, when we cannot, regrettably, increase the speed at which your product is created. This may be due to staffing demands, time constraints or popular demand for our services. During such times we will be working to strict deadlines and your project will be completed within the originally allotted time frame.

Please understand that, should you change the details of your submitted information throughout the production process then this is very likely to negatively impact your due date. In such situations it will be very difficult to quicken your due date.

Payment Terms

We will seek payment every 30 days as a proforma or part proforma service. This means that cash must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date, and also that we will take part of the payment up front. This partial payment will go towards the materials needed to create your project and will be taken away from the final total owed.


You are encouraged to call the office directly if you wish to submit a proposal. You can do this by calling us on 01582 475555. You can also reach us by email on sales@sedgewall.com.

If we have accepted the submission and are working with you to create your desired prototype, then you are welcome to attend our premises. You will be invited to set up a meeting and you may inspect our working conditions, should you so choose. We can assure you that you will find nothing but the best of working practices within our building!

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